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Humanitarian Platforms

"Plant the seed, water the soil, and watch it grow"

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Family Development

Gamma Lambda Phi Sorority, Inc. believes that Community Assistance strengthens Family Development. The ladies of Gamma Lambda Phi are constantly assisting in providing resources in the community, whether it be Senior Citizen Involvement, Bullying, or teaching Effective  Communication Skills.

Women's Wellness

Gamma Lambda Phi Sorority, Inc. believes that health is wealth and that all women should make their health a top priority as matriarchs in the community. Healthy Sex, Interpersonal Relationships, Spiritual Growth, and Self-Care are some of the sectors that the ladies of this organization educate other women on. Once a month we host a "wellness check-in" activity within the organization to ensure that all ladies are thriving Mindy, Body, and Soul .

Education Advancement 

Gamma Lambda Phi Sorority, Inc. would like to ensure that we provide assistance for those seeking to pivot to another career/industry, first-time or returning college students, and those who just need a brush up on interview skills. There are women within the organization that have a career in Human Resources, Social Work, Counseling, Nursing, and Entrepreneurship that assist with Job Postings, Resume-Writing, Educational Program Mentorship, Vocational Training Marketing Strategy Business Plan  and much more.

Mental Health

Gamma Lambda Phi Sorority, Inc. is committed to educating the community on Stigmas amongst cultures, Anxiety, Environmental Trauma, ADHD advocacy and awareness. ADHD is a mental diagnosis that is often misdiagnosed or overlooked in African American women and little girls. The ladies of Gamma Lambda Phi believe that awareness is the way to bring light on such a misrepresented label and creating norms for those diagnosed to feel safe, heard, and respected.


Gamma Lambda Phi Sorority, Inc. is committed to aiding in ending homelessness. The homeless population is filled with  misplaced LGBT+ members, single mothers, and youth. The ladies of Gamma Lambda Phi provide meals, hygiene products, and other necessities to the homeless population. 

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